How to get notified when an event is added

There's an easy way to be notified whenever a new event is added to Gameconfs, and you don't need to register here or anything.

Gameconfs provides an Atom (similar to RSS) feed of recently added events. The URL of the feed is, or you can just use through the magic of feed auto-discovery.

So what can you do with this feed? Well, for one, you can subscribe to it in the RSS reader of your choice, like NetNewsWire or Reeder if you’re on a Mac.

What you can also do is pass that feed to another website called IFTTT ("If This Then That"). IFTTT allows you to say “IF there’s a new entry in the Gameconfs feed THEN send me an email”. They call this a recipe, and they make it really easy to create and use recipes. You can do a LOT more than just send emails by the way - I use it to automatically tweet on gameconfswhenever a new event is added.

To make things easier, I’ve created the recipe for you! It’s right here. So all you need to do is create and IFTTT account, go to that link, click Use Recipe, and enter your email address.

(Yahoo! Pipes should also work instead of IFTTT - I happen to use IFTTT. But since Atom is a standard format, it shouldn’t matter which site you use.)

How to add all upcoming events to your calendar

You can subscribe to all upcoming events here.

Warning: There are a lot of events! This feature is still in an Alpha state, let me know how this works for you.

How to add Gameconfs to your own website

You can add Gameconfs to your own website, either as a WordPress plugin if you're using WordPress, or just using two lines of HTML. Find out how to do that here.

How to access Gameconfs by API

Gameconfs has an API which allows you to search for events or retrieve upcoming events. Find out how to use it here.